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tsyphers 13th Nov, 2011+0
Got a call from this bunch asking if I had any debts I wanted to get rid of. This smells like a scam to me as other people have said they got a call about something to do with diabetes.
Grundleheimer 1st Nov, 2011+0
Keeps calling leave no message
dsbch 27th Oct, 2011+0
I got same call and message. I actually spoke to Mark Collins, then Alan Martinez, then some rude woman all wanting money immediately. It is a scam.
Kimo 2nd Oct, 2011+0
I am on the do not call list do not know who this is. I will not answer calls from telemarketers.
ka 30th Sep, 2011+0
They called me told me I was being summons to court and that I had to call Atorny Morgan Murphy to get my address so they can send me a summons. I dont live in California so i dont know how I could be summons. Plus not only that I cant be really sued because I am on SSI and was told Im judge proof.
AmberKB 21st Sep, 2011+0
dont know the name but i ask her if she ever heard of the do not call list she said i guess you dontr have a card and hung up how do we file charges
Sherie 7th Aug, 2011+0
I got a call from this number after I filled an auto isurance quote online. I answered the call but no one responded.

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